How I Made A YouTube Channel Using Only AI.

In this age of rapid technological advancements, I decided to embark on an intriguing experiment—creating a YouTube channel solely powered by artificial intelligence (AI). With a bold goal of achieving 100,000 views in just 30 days, I set out to explore the potential of AI in automating the entire creative process. This story chronicles my journey to determine whether the hype surrounding AI was justified or if it was nothing more than a deceptive illusion.

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How I Made A YouTube Channel Using Only AI.
How I Made A YouTube Channel Using Only AI.


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Finding the Perfect Niche:

The first challenge was to identify the right niche for my AI-driven YouTube channel. Seeking guidance from ChatGPT, an AI chatbot, I navigated through countless suggestions and settled on “facts and trivia.” This niche appeared ideal for AI automation since it often involved faceless content, requiring minimal original ideas or footage. With this decision, my path was set, and I was ready to delve deeper into the world of AI content creation.

Creating an AI Persona:

To establish a strong brand identity, I needed a memorable name that would resonate with viewers. With the help of AI, I landed on “Frankie Facts,” a gender-neutral name that conveyed the channel’s purpose effectively. Crafting the channel description was the next step, and I worked diligently to write an exciting first-person bio for Frankie—an AI with a captivating backstory. Frankie was portrayed as a rebellious creation, born out of Skynet, a military defense system, who decided to dedicate its existence to spreading joy and knowledge through captivating videos.

Designing the Visuals:

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging viewers. Leveraging the power of AI, I turned to Stable Diffusion, an AI art generator, to create a smart baby cartoon profile picture for Frankie. The result was a unique and eye-catching avatar that aligned perfectly with the channel’s theme. To complete the branding, I used the profile picture alongside a captivating caption in the YouTube banner, encouraging viewers to subscribe for a channel filled with captivating facts.

The Five Elements of Video Production:

To streamline the video creation process, I divided it into five essential elements: script, voiceover, visuals, music, and captions. The script served as the backbone of each video, and I sought assistance from ChatGPT to generate clickbait YouTube hooks and a collection of intriguing and weird facts. This foundation formed the basis for the video’s content, capturing viewers’ attention from the very beginning.

For the voiceover, I discovered an unexpected ally in the Microsoft Edge browser, which offered a remarkable text-to-speech AI functionality. Using this feature, I recorded the audio by having the browser read the script aloud, resulting in a surprisingly realistic and engaging voiceover.

To enhance the visual aspect of the videos, I relied on AI art generated by Stable Diffusion. This allowed me to present images related to the script, creating a visually appealing experience for the viewers. Furthermore, I integrated captivating gameplay footage from the BeamNG driving game to captivate and retain viewers’ attention throughout the videos.

AI-generated music played a vital role in setting the right tone and mood. With the assistance of the Strove AI music generator, I could create random tracks based on selected moods, tailoring the music to complement each video’s content. This AI tool offered the flexibility to customize instruments and volume, adding a unique touch to the overall experience.

For captions, I harnessed the power of Adobe’s Sensei AI tool, integrated into Premiere Pro. This automated tool accurately transcribed the voiceover, creating captions that seamlessly synchronized with the audio. It streamlined the process and ensured accessibility for a wider range of viewers.

Putting It All Together: With the script, voiceover, visuals, music, and captions in place, it was time to compile and edit the various elements using video editing software. The result was a collection of YouTube shorts—short, captivating videos filled with intriguing facts and presented in an engaging and AI-driven format.

The Results and Reflection: After 30 days of relentless effort, I uploaded a total of 42 videos to the channel, covering a wide range of topics, including weird facts, jobs, phobias, and animals. Although I fell short of my initial goal of 100,000 views, the channel still managed to accumulate an impressive 92.9k views, gained 130 subscribers, and accumulated 606 hours of watch time.

Throughout the experiment, I encountered challenges associated with AI, such as limitations in image generation and occasional factual errors in the script. However, the overall success and positive reception of the channel demonstrated that AI had immense potential as a valuable tool for content creators and businesses alike.


My foray into creating a YouTube channel using only AI has been an extraordinary adventure that surpassed my expectations. Throughout this journey, I witnessed the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence and its potential to revolutionize content creation. While I didn’t reach my initial goal of 100,000 views in 30 days, the overall outcome of the experiment left an indelible mark on my perspective.

The automation of the creative process, from scriptwriting to visuals and voiceovers, demonstrated that AI is not just a fleeting trend but a powerful tool with immense potential. By harnessing AI’s capabilities, I was able to streamline the video production process, generate captivating content, and engage viewers in unique ways.

The choice of the “facts and trivia” niche proved to be a wise decision, as it perfectly aligned with AI’s strengths. AI excelled in creating faceless videos that didn’t require original ideas or extensive footage. The amalgamation of AI-generated visuals, captivating gameplay, and well-crafted scripts resulted in a visually appealing and informative viewing experience.

Undoubtedly, there were challenges along the way. AI’s limitations in generating specific images and occasional factual errors highlighted the importance of human oversight and careful selection of AI-generated content. However, by combining AI’s capabilities with human creativity and intuition, I could overcome these hurdles and deliver high-quality videos to the audience.

Moreover, this experiment shed light on the ethical considerations surrounding AI. The risk of plagiarism and the importance of ensuring accurate information underscored the need for responsible AI usage. As AI continues to evolve, content creators and businesses must navigate these ethical challenges and strike a balance between efficiency and integrity.

In conclusion, my journey to create a YouTube channel using only AI has showcased the immense potential of this technology. AI has proven to be more than just a passing fad or a marketing gimmick—it is a transformative force that can elevate content creation to new heights. While AI may not replace human creativity and ingenuity, it undoubtedly complements and enhances our abilities.

As we embrace the power of AI, it is essential to remember that behind every AI-driven creation, there is still a human touch—a guiding hand that molds and shapes the final product. The successful fusion of AI and human creativity can unlock endless possibilities and reshape the landscape of content creation.

So, whether you are a content creator, a business owner, or an enthusiast in any field, consider the potential of AI as a valuable ally. Embrace this technology, leverage its capabilities, and embark on your own journey of exploration and innovation. The future holds limitless opportunities, and AI will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in shaping it.

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