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In today’s video, we have something truly exciting for all you go-getters out there. We’ve curated a list of 5 free career development courses that are going to give you a leg up in your professional journey. These courses are loaded with valuable skills, cutting-edge knowledge, and industry insights, and the best part? They’re all completely FREE! So grab a notepad, because you’re going to want to take notes. Let’s get started!”

Build confidence with self-promotion.

Learning to speak openly about your achievements will help others understand your strengths and skills. This course discusses self-promotion and why it can be so difficult and also shares practical tips on boosting your confidence and self-worth to enable you to progress further in your career.

Use Google to Get a New Job.

Learn the basics of how to use Google’s digital tools to find and prepare for your new job. This course will teach you how to set up email alerts, find jobs, use a template to make and save a resume, and then use it to apply to them.

Improve your soft skills.

The phrase ‘soft skills’ incorporates a wide variety of personality traits, communication and people skills, social attitudes and emotional intelligence. These qualities (also known as ‘core skills’) are increasingly important for success in the workplace – and not just for those in leadership positions. Everyone can benefit from some focused training and development to help them realize their full potential. With this course on OpenLearn, from The Open University, you can study to enhance your soft skills right now.

Communicate Effectively at Work.

Learn how to improve your communication in the workplace. This course will teach you how to facilitate meetings, collect feedback, communicate ideas, and present information about your job.

Negotiate Your Salary.

Learn how to gather facts and prepare for a sensitive conversation about your salary. This course will teach you how to use data to frame your request for more pay appropriately.

And that’s a wrap on our top 5 free career development courses! Each one of these offers unique insights to help you grow, develop, and reach your career goals. Remember, continuous learning and development is the key to standing out in this competitive world.

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