How To Earn on Medium with ChatGPT: A Step-by-Step Guide


Welcome to an enhanced guide on using ChatGPT to boost your Medium earnings. This version includes helpful links, example blog topics, promotional suggestions, and specific prompts to leverage ChatGPT effectively. Let’s dive in!

How To Earn on Medium with ChatGPT - A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Get to Know Medium and ChatGPT

What is Medium?

Medium ( is an online platform where anyone can write articles and earn money based on how much attention their writing gets.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an AI developed by OpenAI that can write text similar to a human. It’s perfect for brainstorming, drafting, and refining your articles. Learn more about ChatGPT here.

Crafting Your Medium Articles with ChatGPT: Example Prompts

To help you get started or overcome writer’s block, here are some example prompts you can give to ChatGPT. These prompts are designed to generate ideas, create engaging content, and even add a personal touch to your articles.

Idea Generation Prompts:

  • “Give me 5 blog topic ideas about sustainable living.”
  • “What are some interesting angles to write about remote work?”
  • “List some current trends in technology that would make engaging articles.”

Content Creation Prompts:

  • “Write an introduction for an article titled ‘The Future of Electric Vehicles’.”
  • “Create a catchy headline for a blog post about mindfulness in the digital age.”
  • “Draft a conclusion that encourages reader engagement for an article on home workouts.”

Engagement and Interaction Prompts:

  • “Suggest questions I can ask my readers at the end of my article about plant-based diets to encourage comments.”
  • “Generate a poll idea related to the impact of social media on mental health for my next blog post.”

Personal Touch and Storytelling Prompts:

  • “Help me tell a short story about my first experience with meditation for my wellness blog.”
  • “Create a personal anecdote about overcoming challenges that I can include in my motivational article.”

Personality-Driven Prompts:

  • “Write a humorous paragraph about the struggles of working from home that I can include in my article.”
  • “Draft a heartfelt section on the importance of community in personal growth blogs.”

SEO and Keyword Integration Prompts:

  • “Identify 5 keywords I should include in my article about eco-friendly travel.”
  • “How can I naturally incorporate the phrase ‘freelance writing tips’ into my blog post?”

Promotional and Call-to-Action Prompts:

  • “Craft a call-to-action for readers to subscribe to my newsletter at the end of my articles.”
  • “Generate a social media post to promote my latest article on minimalist living.”

Here is a quick example.

Step 2: Start Writing with ChatGPT's Help

Finding What to Write About

Choose a topic that interests you. Use the idea generation prompts above to get started or to find inspiration for your next article.

Writing Your First Draft

Begin drafting your article with ChatGPT’s assistance. Use the content creation prompts to help structure your article and develop your ideas.

Step 3: Make Your Writing Better

Check Your Grammar

Grammarly ( is a great tool, but also ask ChatGPT for suggestions to improve your article’s flow and readability.

Make Your Writing Interesting

Enhance the engagement of your article by incorporating storytelling or personal anecdotes. Use the engagement and personal touch prompts for ideas.

Step 4: Get Ready to Publish on Medium

Final Check

Before publishing, ensure your article is clear and concise. Hemingway ( is an excellent tool for this.


Follow Medium’s guidelines for publishing: Medium Publishing Guidelines.

Step 5: Join Medium's Partner Program

Sign Up

Learn about joining the Partner Program here. This is your key to earning money on Medium.

Step 6: Use ChatGPT to Make Your Stories Popular

Make Your Titles Catchy

A compelling title is crucial. Use ChatGPT to brainstorm catchy titles that will draw readers in.

Find Good Keywords

Use tools like Google Keyword Planner and ChatGPT to find and integrate relevant keywords into your article.

Step 7: Keep Learning and Improving

Try New Things

Experiment with different writing styles, topics, and content formats to see what resonates with your audience.

Ask for Feedback

Engage with your readers in the comments to gain insights and suggestions for future articles.

Use ChatGPT

Regularly use ChatGPT to generate new ideas, refine your writing, and explore new promotional strategies.


By following this guide and utilizing ChatGPT through the provided prompts, you’re well-equipped to create engaging, high-quality content on Medium. Remember, success comes from consistent effort, learning from feedback, and adapting to your audience’s preferences. With ChatGPT as your writing assistant, the possibilities are endless. Happy writing!

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