How Can I Get Money Right Now? Here Are 27 Ways!

Sometimes, unexpected expenses or financial emergencies can arise, leaving us in need of immediate cash. In such situations, it’s essential to explore various avenues to generate money quickly. In this blog, we will discuss 27 effective ways to get money right now. Whether you need a small amount or a significant sum, these methods can provide you with the financial boost you require. From utilizing online platforms to taking advantage of existing resources, let’s explore these options in detail.

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Top 27 Best Ways to Get Money When You Need it Now
Top 27 Best Ways to Get Money When You Need it Now


1 – Refinance Student Loans:

Consider refinancing your student loans to secure a lower interest rate or better repayment terms. This can help reduce your monthly payments and free up some cash in the short term.

Example: Research student loan refinancing options from reputable lenders and compare their terms and interest rates. By refinancing, you can potentially save money each month.

2 – Adsrepay Media:

Online Surveys: Sign up for, a platform that pays you for participating in online surveys. You can earn money or gift cards by sharing your opinions and insights.

Example: Spend some time each day completing surveys on Survey Junkie and redeem your earnings for cash or rewards.

3 – Ibotta:

Grocery Rebates: Download the Ibotta app and earn cashback on your grocery purchases. Simply scan your receipts and unlock rebates on eligible products.

Example: Before going grocery shopping, check the Ibotta app for available cashback offers. After purchasing the qualifying items, scan your receipt to receive cashback.

4 – Games Repay:

Join, a market research company that offers cash rewards for playing games participating in product evaluations.

Example: Create an account on and regularly check for new paid games opportunities. Also you can complete surveys to earn cash rewards, which can be withdrawn once you reach the minimum payout threshold.

5 – Trim:

Negotiate Bills: Use Trim, a financial management tool, to analyze your recurring expenses and negotiate lower rates on services like cable, internet, or phone bills.

Example: Connect your accounts to Trim and let it analyze your bills. Trim will identify potential savings and negotiate with service providers on your behalf, helping you reduce your monthly expenses.

6 – Paribus: Collect Refunds

Sign up for Paribus, an app that monitors your online purchases and helps you get refunds if there’s a price drop or if you missed a coupon or sale.

Example: Connect your email account and online shopping accounts to Paribus. The app will track your purchases and automatically claim refunds on your behalf when eligible.

7 – Drive with Lyft:

If you own a car and have some spare time, become a driver with Lyft. Earn money by providing rides to passengers in your area.

Example: Sign up as a Lyft driver and complete the required background checks. Once approved, you can set your availability and start accepting ride requests to earn immediate cash.

8 – Borrow from Friends:

Reach out to trusted friends or family members who may be willing to lend you money on a short-term basis. Ensure you establish clear repayment terms and follow through on your commitment.

Example: Speak openly with a close friend or family member about your financial situation and request a loan. Agree on the loan amount, repayment plan, and any interest charges if applicable.

9 – Get a Personal Loan:

Consider applying for a personal loan from a reputable financial institution or online lender. Personal loans can provide you with quick access to funds for emergencies.

Example: Research different lenders and compare their interest rates, terms, and repayment options. Apply for a personal loan with a lender that offers favorable terms and a quick approval process.

10 – Sell on Craigslist:

Utilize the online classified platform Craigslist to sell unwanted items or belongings that are in good condition. List your items with detailed descriptions, clear and attractive photos, and set a reasonable price to attract potential buyers.

Example: Take high-quality photos of the items you want to sell and create compelling descriptions. Post your listings on the appropriate categories of Craigslist, respond promptly to inquiries, and arrange safe transactions with interested buyers.

11 – Sell at a Pawn Shop:

If you have valuable items such as jewelry, electronics, or instruments, consider selling them at a reputable pawn shop. You can receive immediate cash for your items.

Example: Gather the items you want to sell and visit local pawn shops. Get appraisals for your items and negotiate a fair price. If you agree with the offer, you can walk out with cash in hand.

12 – Work on Fiverr:

Leverage your skills and expertise on Fiverr, a freelance marketplace, to offer services such as graphic design, writing, programming, or social media management. Clients can hire you for quick projects, providing you with immediate income.

Example: Create a profile on Fiverr and highlight your skills and services. Set competitive prices for your offerings and deliver high-quality work to satisfy your clients and earn positive reviews.

13 – Save with ReceiptHog:

Download the ReceiptHog app and earn rewards by snapping pictures of your grocery receipts or other qualifying receipts. You can redeem your rewards for cash or gift cards.

Example: After each shopping trip, take a photo of your receipt using the ReceiptHog app. Earn rewards based on the total amount spent, and once you accumulate enough, cash out or choose gift cards from the available options.

14 – Babysit:

Offer your babysitting services to friends, neighbors, or local community groups. Babysitting can provide immediate cash, especially for parents in need of childcare.

Example: Spread the word about your babysitting services through word-of-mouth, social media, or local community boards. Negotiate your rates based on the number of children, the duration of the job, and any additional responsibilities.

15 – Have a Yard Sale: Organize a yard sale to sell unused or unwanted items. Clear out clutter while earning money from the items you no longer need.

Example: Sort through your belongings and identify items that are in good condition but no longer serve you. Set a date for the yard sale, promote it in your neighborhood, and display your items attractively for potential buyers.

16 – Be a Street Performer:

If you have a talent for music, singing, or entertainment, consider performing as a street performer in public areas. Passersby may appreciate your talent and show their support through monetary contributions.

Example: Choose a public location where street performances are allowed and showcase your talent. Prepare a repertoire of songs or acts, engage with the audience, and have a visible container for people to contribute money.

17 – Dogsit with Rover:

If you’re an animal lover, sign up as a dogsitter on platforms like Rover. You can provide pet sitting or dog walking services, earning money while spending time with furry friends.

Example: Create a profile on Rover and specify the services you offer, rates, and your availability. Once approved, respond to pet owners’ requests, provide excellent care to their pets, and earn income from your services.

18 – Find Money:

Keep an eye out for loose change or forgotten cash in your home, pockets, or car. Check between couch cushions, old wallets, or jackets for potential hidden money.

Example: Conduct a thorough search of your living spaces and personal belongings. Look for any loose change, bills, or gift cards that may have been misplaced or forgotten.

19 – Ask for an Advance:

If you have a steady job, consider asking your employer for an advance on your salary. Explain your situation and provide a clear plan for repayment.

Example: Approach your employer with a formal request for an advance on your salary. Clearly explain your financial need and provide a repayment plan that shows your commitment to returning the advance. Be prepared to discuss any policies or guidelines your company may have regarding salary advances.

20 – Become a Server:

Look for part-time or temporary server positions at local restaurants or catering companies. Serving can provide immediate cash through tips and hourly wages.

Example: Check local job listings, online job boards, or visit restaurants directly to inquire about server positions. Showcase your customer service skills during interviews and secure a serving job that suits your availability.

21 – Turn in Gift Cards:

If you have unused or partially used gift cards, consider selling them for cash. There are online platforms where you can exchange or sell your gift cards.

Example: Gather any gift cards you won’t use or that have a small balance remaining. Research reputable gift card exchange websites and sell your cards for cash at a discounted rate.

22 – Sell Nice Clothes:

If you have gently used, high-quality clothing items, sell them through online platforms like Poshmark, Depop, or eBay. These platforms cater to buyers looking for unique and fashionable pieces.

Example: Take clear and attractive photos of your clothes and create listings on the chosen platform. Include detailed descriptions, measurements, and set reasonable prices to attract potential buyers. Ship the items promptly once they are sold.

23 – Clean Houses:

Offer your cleaning services to individuals or families in your area. Cleaning houses can provide quick cash, especially if you have the necessary skills and equipment.

Example: Advertise your cleaning services through local community boards, social media groups, or create a website. Determine your rates based on the size of the house, specific cleaning tasks, and frequency of service.

24 – Be a Handyman:

If you have handyman skills, advertise your services to help with small repairs, maintenance tasks, or home improvement projects. Many homeowners are willing to pay for reliable and skilled assistance.

Example: Create flyers or business cards highlighting your handyman services and distribute them in your neighborhood or local businesses. Offer a variety of services such as painting, plumbing repairs, or furniture assembly to cater to a wide range of clients.

25 – Use TaskRabbit:

Sign up for TaskRabbit, an online platform that connects you with people in need of various services, such as furniture assembly, home organization, or moving assistance. You can earn money by completing tasks for others.

Example: Create a profile on TaskRabbit, list your skills and availability, and browse available tasks in your area. Select tasks that align with your abilities and earn money for completing them satisfactorily.

26 – Use Credit Card Points:

Check if your credit card offers a rewards program that allows you to redeem points for cash or gift cards. If you have accumulated a significant number of points, they can provide immediate financial relief.

Example: Contact your credit card provider or visit their website to learn about the rewards program and options for redeeming points. Consider choosing cashback or gift cards that will be most helpful in your current situation.

27 – Make Returns:

If you recently made purchases that you no longer need or want, check the return policies of the stores and return the items for a refund. This can provide you with immediate cash if you’re eligible for returns.

Example: Gather the receipts and unused items that are within the return period. Familiarize yourself with the return policies of the stores and ensure that the items are in their original condition. Return the items and collect the refunds promptly.

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When faced with the need for immediate funds, it’s important to approach the situation proactively and explore different avenues to generate money quickly. The 27 methods discussed in this article offer a wide range of options, from leveraging online platforms to utilizing your skills and resources. By considering these strategies, you can take proactive steps towards obtaining the financial relief you need.

Remember, each method has its own unique benefits and considerations. Some methods, such as refinancing student loans or negotiating bills, require careful planning and research. Others, like participating in online surveys or selling unused items, can provide immediate cash with minimal effort.

It’s crucial to approach these methods with caution and consideration for your own financial situation. Ensure that you thoroughly understand the terms, conditions, and potential risks associated with each approach. Additionally, be mindful of any legal or ethical considerations that may apply.

In times of financial urgency, it’s essential to focus on both short-term solutions and long-term financial planning. While these immediate methods can provide quick relief, it’s equally important to develop a solid financial foundation by budgeting, saving, and investing wisely.

Lastly, always remember to prioritize your financial well-being and avoid taking on unnecessary debt or engaging in activities that may have negative consequences. It’s crucial to approach each opportunity with a level-headed mindset and make informed decisions that align with your financial goals.

By exploring these 27 ways to get money right now and combining them with careful financial planning, you can navigate challenging situations, secure immediate funds, and work towards long-term financial stability and success.

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