Exploring 10 Lucrative Faceless YouTube Niches for 2024


YouTube has lots of different videos, and some channels don’t show a person on screen. They’re getting really popular! Today, let’s talk about 10 of these channels that are doing great. They cover all sorts of topics, like crime and tech. If you want to make videos too, stick around and learn about these cool niches!

Niche 1: True Crime

True crime stories have become popular lately. They tell real-life stories about crimes and mysteries, which people find super interesting.

One successful channel in this genre is Explore With Us. They have millions of viewers every month and lots of subscribers. They’re good at telling stories and keeping people interested.

Creators in this niche need to follow fair use rules, especially when using stuff like crime documentaries or police videos. This helps avoid problems with copyright.

Some channels, like The Finest, have switched to true crime content because it’s so popular. They’ve seen that people love these stories, so they changed their content to match what viewers want.

Niche 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Why AI content is getting popular:
More and more folks are getting interested in AI stuff because it’s changing how we live. They want to know how AI can make things better in fields like healthcare and finance. And now, with AI tools being easier to use, creators can talk about AI topics on platforms like YouTube.

A successful AI channel: DebtBusters:
DebtBusters is a great example of a YouTube channel all about AI. They make videos about the best AI tools and software, and people love it! They’ve got lots of fans and make good money from their videos. People like watching their videos because they learn a lot about AI, especially if they’re thinking about using it themselves.

Ways to make money with AI content, like affiliate marketing:
Making money with AI videos can be profitable, especially with affiliate marketing. Creators can talk about AI tools in their videos and put links to buy them. Then, every time someone buys something through their link, they get a bit of money. There are also other ways to make cash, like sponsored videos, selling stuff, and ads.

Predictions for the future of the AI niche:
The future looks bright for AI content. As AI keeps getting better, more people will want to learn about it. Creators who keep making cool videos about AI and teach folks how to use it will do well in this niche.

Exploring a unique niche:
Trail camera videos offer a fascinating glimpse into the hidden world of wildlife and natural phenomena. These videos capture candid moments recorded by trail cameras strategically placed in outdoor settings. From captivating wildlife encounters to mysterious occurrences, this niche provides viewers with an authentic and immersive experience of nature’s wonders.

Examples of successful channels:
Channels like Trail Terror and Creepy Cam have carved a niche within the trail camera community. They specialize in sharing captivating footage captured by trail cameras, ranging from encounters with wildlife to unexplained occurrences. Their content resonates with audiences intrigued by the mysteries of the natural world, attracting significant viewership and engagement.

Revenue generation through ad revenue:
It’s worth noting that ad revenue serves as the primary income source for trail camera channels. While these channels can attract substantial viewership and engagement, creators rely on advertisements displayed alongside their videos to generate revenue. Therefore, maintaining audience engagement and achieving high view counts are essential for maximizing ad revenue in this niche.

Why VR content is getting popular:
More and more folks are loving VR stuff because it’s getting better all the time. VR lets you feel like you’re really there, in a different world. And now, with VR gadgets being easier to get, people are looking for all kinds of VR videos to watch.

A successful VR channel: 3D VR360 Videos:
3D VR360 Videos is a top VR channel that shows why VR is so cool. They make videos where you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action! Whether it’s riding a roller coaster or chilling in nature, their videos show off what VR can do. That’s why they’ve got lots of fans who love their VR adventures.

What it takes to make 360° content:
Making 360° videos can cost a lot at first. You might need special cameras or people who know how to edit the videos to make them look awesome. But, even though it costs a bunch to start, you can make a lot of money later. Just look at 3D VR360 Videos – they’ve got millions of views and fans who keep coming back for more VR fun!

Niche 5: Wealth and Finance:

Why people are into making money online:
Lots of folks are hopping on the internet train to make some extra cash and have more control over their money. With things changing fast online and more chances to start your own thing, people are trying out different ways to make money, like buying stocks or starting their own businesses. It’s all about feeling more in charge of your finances in today’s fast-moving world.

A successful money channel: Make Money Matt:
Check out Make Money Matt – it’s a popular channel all about money stuff. They make videos about investing, saving, and starting businesses, and folks really like their helpful tips. Make Money Matt is a hit with people who want to learn more about money and how to make it work for them.

How to stand out in a crowded money world:
In a busy world of money talk, it’s important to be different and give your viewers something they can’t find anywhere else. Try sharing new ideas, useful tips, and easy steps that fit what your viewers need. Keeping your videos top-notch, being real, and chatting with your audience are also key to making a name for yourself. By staying creative and always giving your viewers what they want, you’ll shine in the world of money and finance videos!

Niche 6: Travel:

Why people are into travel content:
More folks are checking out travel stuff these days, getting ideas and getting pumped for their next trip. With social media and websites blowing up, travelers are hitting the internet for travel tips, guides, and cool experiences. It’s all about that itch to explore, learn new things, and grow through travel adventures.

A top travel channel: World According to Briggs:
Look at channels like World According to Briggs—they’re killing it in the travel game on YouTube. They grab viewers with fun travel guides, reviews, and smart talk, building a solid crew of travel fans. With their storytelling and real experiences, they inspire viewers to get out there and start their own journeys.

Why to talk about the not-so-great stuff:
Travel isn’t always perfect, and it’s good to show the real deal. Adding in some chat about travel mess-ups, culture shocks, or environmental issues gives your content depth and honesty. It helps viewers see the whole picture of travel and gets them ready for their own adventures. Plus, it makes travel feel more real and relatable, making the experience even better.

Niche 7: Technology:

Tech keeps moving forward:
Tech never stands still—it’s always changing, always growing. Whether it’s cool new gadgets or mind-blowing innovations, there’s always something fresh to check out. These advancements not only shake up how we live and work but also how we connect with the world around us.

A cool tech channel: Tech Zone:
Look at Tech Zone—it’s like a hangout spot for tech fans, dishing out reviews, how-tos, and all the latest tech news. With their fun content and smart insights, channels like Tech Zone bring in a crowd eager for the newest tech scoops and deep dives into gadgets.

Making bank in mobile tech:
If you’re eyeing the mobile tech scene, get ready for some serious cash potential. The CPM (cost per thousand views) in this area is sky-high, thanks to the valuable audience into phones, apps, and all that jazz. With killer content and a strong fan base, creators can cash in on this rich niche and rake in some serious dough.

Niche 8: Documentaries:

Why people love long videos:
People are really into long videos these days, especially documentaries. They want something that goes beyond the basics and dives deep into interesting topics, giving them a real immersive experience. Documentaries let them explore things like history, science, culture, and current events in a way that’s both fun and makes them think. It’s all about scratching that itch for knowledge and getting caught up in a good story.

Awesome documentary channels: MagellanTV, Dark Docs:
Channels like MagellanTV and Dark Docs are the kings of documentaries. They’ve got this amazing collection of top-quality documentaries covering everything from history to true crime. These channels know how to keep viewers glued to the screen with a mix of cool topics and expert storytelling. No wonder they’ve got such loyal fans!

More viewers thanks to streaming:
Traditional TV is losing its mojo, and streaming services are taking over. With that change, we’re seeing more folks tuning in to documentaries. People are ditching cable and hopping on streaming platforms for their entertainment fix, and documentaries are a big part of that. It’s super easy to find a documentary on just about anything you’re curious about, and that’s bringing in a whole new crowd. So, yeah, expect documentary-watching to keep on climbing as old-school TV fades away

Niche 9: Scary Videos:

Analysis of the popularity of scary content:
Scary videos have this strange allure that keeps pulling people in. Whether it’s the thrill of being scared or the curiosity to uncover the unknown, there’s just something about them that grabs viewers’ attention. From spooky encounters to mysterious phenomena, these videos tap into our fascination with things that go bump in the night, offering an eerie experience that’s hard to resist.

Example of a successful channel: Nuke’s Top 5:
If you want to see how it’s done right, check out Nuke’s Top 5. This channel has nailed the scary video formula with its compilation-style format showcasing the creepiest and most perplexing clips from across the internet. With carefully selected content and a chilling narration, Nuke’s Top 5 has built a massive following of horror fans who keep coming back for more.

Note on the requirement for high views for significant ad revenue:
Here’s the deal in the scary video realm: you need those views to rake in the ad revenue. Creators in this niche often rely on ad revenue as their main source of income, so getting those view counts up is crucial. By crafting compelling content and promoting it effectively, creators can attract larger audiences and boost their earnings through ad revenue.

Niche 10:Health:

Discussion on the growing interest in health-azrelated content:
Health-related content is becoming increasingly popular as people prioritize their wellbeing and seek information on living healthier lifestyles. With growing concerns about fitness, nutrition, and mental health, audiences are turning to online platforms for guidance and advice. Whether it’s tips for staying active, recipes for nutritious meals, or strategies for managing stress, health content addresses the diverse needs of viewers looking to improve their overall wellness.

An example of a successful channel is Body Hub:
Body Hub stands out as a successful channel in the health niche, offering a wealth of informative and engaging content on fitness, nutrition, and wellness. With expertled workouts, healthy recipes, and motivational videos, Body Hub has built a loyal community of health enthusiasts seeking practical advice and inspiration for their fitness journey. Its emphasis on evidencebased information and actionable tips resonates with viewers striving to achieve their health goals.

Mention affiliate marketing opportunities with health products:
In the health niche, there are ample opportunities for affiliate marketing partnerships with companies offering health and wellness products. Creators can leverage their platform to promote products such as supplements, fitness equipment, and wellness apps, earning commissions for each sale generated through their referral links. By partnering with reputable brands and aligning with their audience’s interests, creators can monetize their content while providing valuable recommendations to their viewers.

Bonus: Monetization Strategies:

Exploring additional ways to earn from your content:

Besides the usual ad revenue, there are plenty of other ways for creators to make money from their content. You can dive into affiliate marketing, where you promote products or services and earn a commission for every sale made through your referral. There’s also the option of creating and selling digital products, like ebooks or online courses, which can be quite profitable.

Tips for succeeding with affiliate marketing and digital products:

When it comes to affiliate marketing, make sure to choose products that align with your content and audience interests. Strategically incorporate affiliate links into your content, making them seamless and genuinely helpful to your viewers. Similarly, if you’re promoting digital products, focus on creating highquality offerings that provide real value to your audience. Your reputation and credibility are key here, so always prioritize quality over quantity.

Maximizing revenue through niche selection and content quality:

Selecting the right niche is crucial for maximizing your revenue potential. Look for niches with a passionate and engaged audience, as they’re more likely to support your content through purchases, memberships, or donations. Once you’ve found your niche, focus on consistently delivering topnotch content that resonates with your audience. Quality content not only attracts more viewers but also keeps them coming back for more, ultimately driving your revenue up over time.


While each niche offers its opportunities, I want to extend a special invitation to explore the realm of faceless YouTube channels. With their unique appeal and versatile content options, faceless channels offer an innovative way to engage audiences without the need for an on-screen presence.

For those interested in delving deeper into faceless YouTube content creation, I recommend exploring additional resources and guides available online. From storytelling tips to audience engagement strategies, there’s a wealth of information to help you succeed in this dynamic niche.

So, whether your passion lies in true crime, technology, or travel, don’t hesitate to explore the endless possibilities awaiting you in the world of content creation. While the journey may have its challenges, with dedication and creativity, the rewards can be truly fulfilling. Happy creating!

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